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Absolutely, Absolutely, Absolutely, Absolutely

January 5, 2011 6 comments

How many times in a row do you think you can hear that word from reporters or guests on television these days?

Recently I heard a guest on a program say it 4 times in a row. The reporter had not said anything in between. She replied absolutely with 4 different voice inflections.

Once is enough!

  • Don’t they know any other words?
  • Can’t they change it up a bit?
  • Do they have to say it more than once in response to one question?

I can understand the guest may not be experienced at being interviewed and is still trying to shake  it off.

But the reporter? The broadcast journalist who probably went to school and should know better!

There used to be a time when the reporter did their own editing if the interview was taped or at least watched while someone else did it. Doesn’t appear to be happening these days.

Do they not ever listen to themselves or watch the interview?

If these reporters are wanting to move up in the News business, they need to expand their vocabulary!

How many different words for absolutely? Here are a few.


Please listen to yourself and use another word.

How about saying something as simple as “Yes”.

This is what`s bugging me today!

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