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Trudy’s Pet Peeve with bloggers…

January 12, 2011 23 comments
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This is what I had originally planned to post yesterday and I am now glad I held off because yesterday produced some fantastic results.

This is in response to Trudy’s posting of Jan 10/11 talking about PostADay bloggers. Now I had some thoughts about linking to Trudy’s post but in the end you need to read it to fully understand that this is what’s bugging me today?

my pet peeve with bloggers…

Trudy, yes it could become tiring at times to keep reading about blogging, but not everyone finds it easy to write and to post daily. But every one of them has joined the challenge because they want to improve their writing, their commitment to post every day or every week.

Give us a break, it’s now Day 12 and there are still plenty joining. I am sure that once things settle down and people get into their blogs and what they feel comfortable writing about things will improve. Yes, there will be some that will probably continue with the whole blogging thing and there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to read them but I’m sure others will.

Yes, I am one of the ones that talk about blogging and I will tell you why. Because I enjoy helping people and encouraging them to reach goals that they thought they could never achieve. Just like a parent teaching their child to ride a bicycle for the first time everyone needs encouragement.

I don’t normally do this but I am going to toot my own horn. Read my post of yesterday, the day before and the day before that. Heck, read all of them. Because of the response I have had to these posts, several of my readers have connected with each other to support each other during the challenge. The evidence can be found on these two posts.

The ‘Like’ Button, Comment’s & Pingback’s – Help Us Learn!

How does blog’s buddies can keep you motivated ?

Would this have happened if were weren’t all talking about blogging and we all just went back to our blogs, read the topic suggestions and tried to write a daily post? I don’t think so.

The Daily Post from Scott Berkun has been great. The postings are like mini-forums, scanning down the list to see if there is anything of interest.  I’ve noticed that you’ve posted several times on the list.

I read one where you said the following.

I don’t think the ultimate objective of the wordpress contest is for “best writing” but simply for consistent (daily/weekly) writing and practice.

First – it’s not a contest, it’s a challenge.

If talking about the challenge is what they feel comfortable writing about right now, let them write it. As long as they are writing daily/weekly then they are achieving their goals and will get better with time. I am sure they will tire of writing about the challenge.

So yes, I am talking about blogging again today, but it’s only in response to your rant.

So get off your high horse and enjoy the fun like the rest of us are. Trudy this instructional is for you, if you want to try and find something on the long lists of replies:

CTRL + F    Find
CTRL + G    Find again.

There’s your tip of the day!

This is what’s bugging me today!

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