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Housekeeping Again!!

January 29, 2011 23 comments

Things in life I find annoying - HousekeepingThis is becoming a weekly chore that I just can’t seem to get away from, but it is getting easier. This is what’s bugging me today!

I’ve come to learn that the blog needs plenty of maintenance to keep it fresh, looking good and working properly. Just last night I received an email that Alexy moved his blog to his own server. This meant I had to go through and update the links I had pointed at his WordPress blog to the new one. It wasn’t too difficult a task, but it’s done.

Chores for this weekend are to check the earlier ones to make sure I’ve done them. I know I finally tackled my About Me page and boy was that a relief. Thank you everyone for your comments on it.

I would like to say a special hello to Bob Zeller. Reading my About Me page gave him the idea to add a page to his own blog, Texas Tweeties. He’s an avid photographer with some great shots on his blog and his Mockingbird is one of my favourites.

A special welcome to two new Blogging Buddies over the past 24 hours. First to Barb19, a dear friend who I’ve finally convinced to join the WordPress Challenge for PostAWeek2011 with her new blog Passionate About Pets. Next is Julie, 1961Girl who is celebrating all year-long to mark a special day. Please stop by and say hello! 🙂

A special thanks to my first Blogging Buddy, Piglet in Portugal for choosing a recipe of mine for her Foodie Friday recipe challenge.

Earlier this week I realized that Housekeeping was going to be a weekly chore and should really have its own category. The posts were already tagged as housekeeping and WordPress came to the rescue with their tool to Convert Tags to Categories.

It’s still early and there weren’t too many posts I would have had to change but using the tool it was done with three simple steps. For those who aren’t familiar with it, you can find it under Tools – Import – Categories and Tags Converter.

This also brings to mind another housekeeping chore that should be done on a regular basis. I need to backup my blog should anything ever happen. I wouldn’t want to lose it all and I’m pretty sure none of you want to either.

Backup on WordPress in 4 easy steps.

  1. Tools
  2. Export
  3. Download Export file
  4. Save

Done – how simple is that? One thing I did do though is to prefix the file name with the word Backup. This makes it easier to find when you can’t remember exactly which folder you saved it to.

Now that’s an easy housekeeping chore to do. I just have to remember to do it on a regular basis! Another ‘todo’ to add to my ReminderFox.

Now that my backup is done there is one less chore for the weekend. Which is a good thing because there’s another chore I want to work on which is going to take some time.

Set up a new page where I can list the links to some of the sites and online tools I’ve mentioned that many have found helpful. Once it’s set up it will be easier to add new ones and it won’t be such a chore.

I think that’s enough for this weekend. Plenty of blogs to visit and read,  bad me – I think I may have missed a few this week.

Housekeeping chores – this is what’s bugging me today!


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