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My 5 of the 50 Most Annoying Things About the Internet

February 8, 2011 32 comments

annoying things in life, internet, captcha I took too much personal time this weekend & yesterday and I didn’t have a post ready for today.  This is what’s bugging me today!

But luckily I came across this and decided to take advantage of the Press This feature.

50 most annoying things about the internet – Telegraph.

Here are five that I like.

3) Messages alerting you to messages
Email inboxes are becoming clogged with non-urgent alerts from Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. How long before someone invents an app to alert Twitter and Facebook users when they receive an email, creating a never-ending spiral of needless messages?

The following one really hit the spot with me.

Only the internet asks its users to prove that they are human. CAPTCHAs, the word recognition puzzles designed to prevent robots from accessing protected websites, may be a necessary evil but even their inventor has said that he regrets their drain on human time. Assuming that each one takes ten seconds to solve, it has been estimated that we waste 150,000 hours a day squinting at distorted letters. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that CAPTCHAs are getting harder, with some effectively indecipherable.

I’m new to Twitter and still haven’t figured everything out. Need to read Twitter101.

5) Social media gurus
Knowing how to tweet should not be a career in itself.

The Internet is definitely staying out of my bed.

How many of you take the Internet to bed with you?

9) The bedroom invasion
First it was in the living room, then the bedroom and now – thanks to wi-fi and laptops – the internet is in your bed.

I was thinking of a blogger when I read this one.

15) It’s always on
If we all agreed to shut down the internet for a few hours a week – perhaps on Sunday evenings – long-suffering parents and grand-parents might get a few more phone calls.

This is what’s bugging me today!


Quote for today

Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.
Adele Brookman

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