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or not – Day 60 and Counting

March 1, 2011 25 comments
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Day 60 of the WordPress PostADay2011 Challenge, only 305 to go. There is nothing bugging me today! 🙂

My blog is still evolving and it has a lot to do with the fact I took a risk in February and launched the RandomBlog2011 Challenge. This coincided with the Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb 14-20, 2011.

And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge for me, on February 14, Scott Berkun liked one of my posts on topic suggestions and featured it on The Daily Post at

I had some challenging times that week keeping up with everything that needed to be done for the challenge, replying to comments and still keeping up with my regular blog reading.

Then yesterday a friend emailed me to let me know that the very first post on this blog, and why I started the blog, was mentioned in a system update to their members. It looks like I got their attention because they’ve made improvements to the site which address some of the things mentioned in my post.

I’m proud of the fact that I finally got over my fear of hitting the publish button. That’s one of the things that was holding me back from taking this blog to where it is today.

As to what’s in store for me the rest of the year, is anybody’s guess.

Special mention to Ryan at INSIGHT for starting the Weekly Photo Voting. He visited 60 blogs to find the best 10 for you to vote on. The first topic to be voted on is Boundaries.

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There is nothing bugging me today!


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Your accomplishments are determined
not only by the willingness to succeed
but the strength to achieve them.
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