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Not Knowing How To Add Follow Me on Twitter

March 14, 2011 18 comments

Twitter, ClassyRose101, Things in life I find annoyingI’ve written a couple of posts over the past week about Twitter. WordPress bloggers are now putting their Twitter feed on their blogs but it seems that not all WordPress themes come with an option or Widget to add the Follow Me on Twitter Badge to their blog. This is what’s bugging me today!

I knew there had to be a way to add it so I went searching on Twitter and found the solution for you to use.

The first thing you need to do is head over to Twitter’s Resources/buttons page where you will find different buttons in various sizes and colours to choose from.

Click on the button you want to display and a small pop-up window will appear with the HTML code that includes your Twitter username. You must be signed in to Twitter for this to work.

FollowMeOnTwitter, ClassyRose101, RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011,PostAWeek2011, Things in life I find annoying

Copy the code in the pop-up window.

<img src=”” alt=”Follow classyrose101 on Twitter”/>

The next step is to go to:

Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets – Text

  • Add a text box to your sidebar. 
  • Paste the HTML code into the text box.

Depending on which button you choose to use you might want to add a title to your widget. The button I selected for this example doesn’t really need one so I’ve left it blank.

TwitterTextWidget, RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011, PostAWeek2011, ClassyRose, Things in life I find annoying

Select the position where you would like your Follow Me On Twitter button to appear and click on “Save Widget“.

Visit your blog, make sure you’ve hit refresh and your badge should appear and look like this.

Follow Me On Twitter - ClassyRose, RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011, PostAWeek2011

Click on it to make sure it’s working properly and you’re done. Your readers now have an easy way to follow you on Twitter.

I’ve already given these instructions to my blogging buddy PiP and she has successfully added the button to her blog Piglet in Portugal if you would like to see how it looks.

Do you have a Follow Me On Twitter button on your blog!


Now that I’ve shown you how to add the Follow Me On Twitter button to your blog,

There is nothing bugging me today!

Quote for today

You will discover that you have two hands.
One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.
Audrey Hepburn

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Housekeeping – Good Reason To Add Twitter To Your Blog

March 12, 2011 32 comments

Blog, Housekeeping, annoying, bugging me, blogging, chores, pet peevesEarthquakes, tsunamis, radiation leaks. This is what’s bugging me today!

This week’s earthquake in Japan has shown us how valuable Twitter can be and is to those caught in such a tragedy. One of my blogging buddies, Cocomino couldn’t get home from Tokyo to his family in Kawagoe because rail transportation was shut down.

He managed to do one quick post before he lost access to the internet – I can’t go home.

After that post, there was limited means of communication until he realized:

I could access the twitter or the other news site on the internet by my iphone.
I found my family’s safe on my blog’s comment!

Using Twitter he was able to learn about his family and to keep family and friends updated.

Twitter @cocomino3

Summerfield84 is another Japanese blogger also writing on an English blog. He doesn’t have the Twitter widget on his blog and I wasn’t even sure if he had a Twitter account. There was no word from him and I was concerned for his safety until he published a post today. He’s okay! I’ve since learned he does have a Twitter account.

I was relieved to hear that both of them are safe and are happily blogging again and letting us know through their blogs what it’s like now in Japan.

Cocomino’s latest blog post – I could come back home an hour ago. We are all OK. but….

Summerfield84’s latest blog post – The majr catastrophe : The Great East Japan Earthquake

Do you have the Twitter widget in your sidebar?

It’s easy to add, Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets – Twitter

Select the number of entries you would like to show – from 1 – 20
Hide replies –  using @username at the beginning of the tweet.
Include retweets – yes or no
Text to display between tweet and timestamp – eg. Tweeted

@classyrose101, Twitter

Some other info
You can use multiple Twitter widgets on the same blog.
Retweets using the official retweet button do not appear.

Check out WordPress Support for complete instructions on how to add the Twitter Widget.


Another blogging buddy Redneck Princess wrote about being prepared and having an emergency kit available. Please read When pretending just isn’t fun anymore… which includes a link to what you should do to prepare for such a disaster.

Here is another link that you might find useful  – Guide to Preparing for a Disaster.

The theme for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Home“. Think of all the people who have lost their lives in the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. Think of those who did manage to survive but now find that their home was destroyed.  Think of those being evacuated from their homes because of the radiation leak. How will they manage over the coming days, weeks, months?

Countries around the world are offering whatever help Japan needs to recover from this horrific tragedy. You can help by making a charitable donation to any one of many organizations who are rushing to help Japan and its citizens.

If you’re worried about being scammed, check out the article at CNN Money on reputable charities to give to.

This is what’s bugging me today!


Quote for today

I am only one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
Edward Everett Hale

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Housekeeping Today and Some Goodies

March 5, 2011 9 comments

Blog, Housekeeping, annoying, bugging me, blogging, chores, pet peevesI heard from Ryan at INSIGHT last night and it seems there isn’t much voting happening. This is what’s bugging me today!

Because of this, housekeeping is a little different this time around. But then I like being different!

He’s asked me to help out and I couldn’t say no because what he is trying to do is fantastic. Giving more recognition to some of the great photos that are being published every week in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

He has gone through all the photos by himself and choosing the Best 10 to vote on.

If  you haven’t voted already please head on over and cast your vote in the following two polls.

Week #1

Weekly Photo Voting! “Boundaries” (via INSIGHT)

Weekly Photo Voting! "Curiosity"

Please do read the previous post before proceeding further. And so here it is!!! The very 1st “Weekly Photo Challenge Championships” 🙂 The theme was “Boundaries”. It was the very 1st WordPress Photo Challenge. Till date there were 119 comments under the topic with almost equal number of entries. I’ve gone through all of them (The ones who posted it in the Weekly Photo Challenge Topic only). The ones who didn’t post it under that topic wi … Read More


Please help get the word out.

Week #2

Weekly Photo Voting! “Curiosity” (via INSIGHT)

Weekly Photo Voting! "Curiosity"

Ok so my 1st experiment with the “Weekly Photo Voting” didn’t exactly set the world or rather the bloggers on fire coz the voting process seems to be going on at a snails pace. The voting process is in its closing stages. You can still vote for it at Weekly Photo Voting- Boundaries. So I thought that I’d give one final try with the Weekly Photo Voting for CURIOSITY, the next theme. This was of course the 2nd theme of “The Post a Week”. . … Read More


If anybody has an interest in helping out please contact either me or Ryan at INSIGHT.

Vote on these two polls.

Tweet it – Share it

Goodies, Things in life I find annoying, RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011, PostAWeek2011Now some goodies for you. 🙂

I found two sites where you can find images and clip art that is in the public domain. This means you can use them freely on your blog and both sites allow you to edit the clip art image.

Enjoy! 😎

Public Domain Images You Can Edit

Vector Clip Art - Royalty Free & Public Domain

Now for some more smilies. You have to remember not to leave any spaces when you are typing the text.

: cool :      😎

: oops :     😳

: cry :        😥

: ? :           ❓

: razz :      😛

: idea :      💡

: roll :        🙄

: shock :    😯

: mrgreen :     :mrgreen:


This is what’s bugging me today!


Quote for today

In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.
Flora Edwards

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or not – Some Housekeeping Goodies

February 26, 2011 21 comments

Housekeeping, Things in life I find annoying, RandomBlog2011 Challenge

Today’s post is a little different from the one’s I’ve written in the past. Instead of letting you know what I need to take care of, I’m letting you know what I have taken care of over the past week working on the RandomBlog2011 Challenge. There is nothing bugging me today! 🙂

I’ve done a lot of housekeeping on the blog this week from adding the copyright to creating new pages and changing pages. I’ve had quite a time taking care of everything.

Yesterday I added 3 new pages to the blog but it wasn’t a simple task because I had to co-ordinate the publishing times with my new post. I used a combination of publishing the page/post as private and using the shortlink instead of the URL. If you ask me now what I did when and in what order I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Some of this involved setting up a new parent page for the RandomBlog2011 Challenges. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but when you need to leave the current page intact so visitors can still see it, before all the changes are made, could be a bit tricky.

It was a challenge timing everything, but all I know is that when everything was published the links worked.

Goodies, Things in life I find annoying, RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011, PostAWeek2011Goodies


You can get the shortlink to the new page or new post before it’s published. Once you save a draft of your post/page the shortlink is created. This lets you link to it before it’s posted.

This information is from

How can you use it?

There is now a “Get Shortlink” button next to your permalink when you edit or write a post, and when you click it you’ll get a popup with the beautiful link already highlighted for your copy and pasting pleasure.

If you’re logged in you can also get the shortlink for any page on, there’s a link under the “Blog Info” menu in your admin bar.


I finally added the copyright to my blog which meant having to go through the blog and add the copyright to each post and page. This took a fair bit of time but it’s done now and it will be much easier going forward.

Here is a short recap of how to add the copyright to your blog using the WordPress sample found here.

  • Insert your name and blog title into the sample copyright statement.
  • Add it to your side-bar using the text widget.
  • Add your  © 2011 Blog Title and/or Name to the bottom of each post/page.


Instead of copying and pasting the © symbol hold down the Alt key and type 0169 (Alt0169) on the number pad. If you use the numbers in the upper row of your keyboard it won’t work.

Two other symbols that might come in handy are:
= Alt0153
® = Alt0174


Did you know that if you click the “Like” button again once you’ve already clicked it and it says “You like this“, that it takes you to your “Posts I Like” page on

You can test it out after you click the “Like” button on this post. 😉


I haven’t had much time to visit very many new blogs but I did visit three and here they are. I’ve already sent out Tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #randomblog2011.

Blogs I’ve visited

I haven’t done much of my regular reading either over the past two weeks but I’m going to try to do some of it this weekend.

There is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton

New Pages Added & Changed

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Another Unfinished Housekeeping Chore

February 12, 2011 28 comments

Blog, Housekeeping, annoying, bugging me, blogging, chores, pet peevesHow did it get to be Saturday so soon? I know that Granny1947 doesn’t like when I use the word but it’s Housekeeping time! This is what’s bugging me today!

Granny, just remember these are my housekeeping chores and I have something for you today.

Last week I said I was going to check out some more image sites and let you know what I’ve found. As many of you know I haven’t been feeling too good this week, and while I did manage to check out a few of the ones on my list, I didn’t get to all of them. This chore stays on my list.

I will list a couple that I did manage to check and found interesting.

annoying things, housekeeping, chores, public domain, freeReusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art – Collection of free-to-download public domain images for crafters and web designers.

PublicDomainPictures.netRoyalty free stock photos. All pictures are free for commercial and personal use.

Do you want to search more than just Google?  Search by Creative Commons is a search tool that you might find handy not just for images but video, music and other media. One page to search 7 sites.

  • Google – web
  • Google – images
  • flickr – images
  • – video
  • jamendo – music
  • SpinXpress – media
  • Wikimedia Commons – media

There are other small things I need to take care of, but I’m finding that checking out the image sites is taking far longer than I thought. I’m spending far too much time browsing all the images to see what’s available. 🙂

Now this is for Granny1947 and others who aren’t sure how to make some of the smiley faces. You have to remember not to leave any spaces when you are typing the characters.

🙂     : )     or     🙂    :smile :

😀    : D     or     😀     :grin :

😉     ; )    or      😉     :wink :

😦     : (    or      😦     :sad :

😐     : |     or     😐     :neutral :

Sometimes I find that the smiley won’t work if I don’t type a hyphen between the two characters, so I’ve gotten into the habit of always including it.

Usually I give a shout out to my Blogging Buddies on Saturday, but this weekend I’m waiting until Sunday because I have something special planned for the new week.

Now there is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
William A. Ward

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Housekeeping Is Easier This Week

February 5, 2011 24 comments

Blog, Housekeeping, annoying, bugging me, bloggingHousekeeping sure is getting easier, but there are still plenty of things to do to keep the blog fresh. I don’t know about you but I am spending a lot of time trying to find free images to use on my blog. This is what’s bugging me today!

With everything else I need to do this weekend, this will be my only blog housekeeping chore this week. Because I also want to find some new sites to use, this is going to take some time.

There are still other things I want to do and check out, but there are only so many hours in the day and I’m in no rush. I’m ready for some personal and family time this weekend.

The image sites I’m using now are:

I’ll be sure to let you know what other sites I find some time this week. If anybody has found other good sites for free images, I would love to know what they are.

There are also some other free online tools that I’ll be checking out over the next few days and I will let you know about those too. One of them is probably going to end up as one of next weekend’s housekeeping chores.

Welcome to the newest addition to the Blogging Buddies, postadaychallenge2011 who unfortunately had her last blog hacked. Please stop by her blog and say hello.

One of last week’s new blogging buddies, 1961Girl was Freshly Pressed this week and I think she speaks for a lot of the new bloggers who have taken up the WordPress PostADay2011 Challenge.

And if some of you missed it, I added the Links page to my blog this week.

  • Have you backed up your blog yet?
  • Do you have the four principal pages every blog needs?
  • Have you written your About Me page?
  • Are you interlinking your posts?

Check out the related articles below.

Housekeeping chores – this is what’s bugging me today!


Quote for today

Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
John Wooden

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Housekeeping Again!!

January 29, 2011 23 comments

Things in life I find annoying - HousekeepingThis is becoming a weekly chore that I just can’t seem to get away from, but it is getting easier. This is what’s bugging me today!

I’ve come to learn that the blog needs plenty of maintenance to keep it fresh, looking good and working properly. Just last night I received an email that Alexy moved his blog to his own server. This meant I had to go through and update the links I had pointed at his WordPress blog to the new one. It wasn’t too difficult a task, but it’s done.

Chores for this weekend are to check the earlier ones to make sure I’ve done them. I know I finally tackled my About Me page and boy was that a relief. Thank you everyone for your comments on it.

I would like to say a special hello to Bob Zeller. Reading my About Me page gave him the idea to add a page to his own blog, Texas Tweeties. He’s an avid photographer with some great shots on his blog and his Mockingbird is one of my favourites.

A special welcome to two new Blogging Buddies over the past 24 hours. First to Barb19, a dear friend who I’ve finally convinced to join the WordPress Challenge for PostAWeek2011 with her new blog Passionate About Pets. Next is Julie, 1961Girl who is celebrating all year-long to mark a special day. Please stop by and say hello! 🙂

A special thanks to my first Blogging Buddy, Piglet in Portugal for choosing a recipe of mine for her Foodie Friday recipe challenge.

Earlier this week I realized that Housekeeping was going to be a weekly chore and should really have its own category. The posts were already tagged as housekeeping and WordPress came to the rescue with their tool to Convert Tags to Categories.

It’s still early and there weren’t too many posts I would have had to change but using the tool it was done with three simple steps. For those who aren’t familiar with it, you can find it under Tools – Import – Categories and Tags Converter.

This also brings to mind another housekeeping chore that should be done on a regular basis. I need to backup my blog should anything ever happen. I wouldn’t want to lose it all and I’m pretty sure none of you want to either.

Backup on WordPress in 4 easy steps.

  1. Tools
  2. Export
  3. Download Export file
  4. Save

Done – how simple is that? One thing I did do though is to prefix the file name with the word Backup. This makes it easier to find when you can’t remember exactly which folder you saved it to.

Now that’s an easy housekeeping chore to do. I just have to remember to do it on a regular basis! Another ‘todo’ to add to my ReminderFox.

Now that my backup is done there is one less chore for the weekend. Which is a good thing because there’s another chore I want to work on which is going to take some time.

Set up a new page where I can list the links to some of the sites and online tools I’ve mentioned that many have found helpful. Once it’s set up it will be easier to add new ones and it won’t be such a chore.

I think that’s enough for this weekend. Plenty of blogs to visit and read,  bad me – I think I may have missed a few this week.

Housekeeping chores – this is what’s bugging me today!


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Having To Write About Me

January 26, 2011 20 comments

Things in life I find annoyingI was determined to write my new About Me page and I can tell you that I struggled with it. I don’t like having to write about myself. This is what’s bugging me today!

Get me in a conversation and I can tell you all sorts of stories about me and my life. But to have to sit down and write about me in a few paragraphs I found difficult and I’m not scared to admit it. I thought I had it all done and then sat down to check it against the outline and I wasn’t happy with it. So then I started doing edits and just made a real mess of it. I decided to take a break from it and start writing this post. I still need to get back to it and see if I can make some sense of the mess I made.

I know I will get it done, because there are so many of you wanting to read it now! So I better make it good huh!

There’s a good time-lapse that happens here!!

Things in life I find annoying - About Me

After much deliberation, I finally finished my new About Me page. I tell you, that really was a chore for me but boy does it feel good now that it’s done. At least for now. I’m sure there will be some tweaking as I go along.

One less blog housekeeping chore to do.

Seeing as I’ve given you something else to read today, that’s it for this post.

Now I can say that there is nothing bugging me today!


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Unfinished Housekeeping Chores

January 25, 2011 14 comments

Things in life I find annoyingIt’s Tuesday morning and I can say that I managed to stay awake most of yesterday and get some sleep last night. But I still have so much of my weekend Housekeeping to do. It’s a short post and this is what’s bugging me today!

I still need to update my about page, but I’m still not quite sure how much I want to write. So I went to my Google Reader to see what I could find. I came up with a great post from Christopher at CreativeBlogger on How to Create Your About Page.

Here are some of the highlights from the post.

  • Start With An Introduction
  • Add A Profile Picture
  • Build The Reader’s Expectations
  • Recommended Reading
  • Invite Your Reader To Connect

Let’s see how many of the points I manage to cover. I’m determined to finish it today and press the publish button when I’m done. I’ve done enough procrastinating on this.

This is what’s bugging me today!


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Housekeeping ‘IS’ a Chore

January 22, 2011 25 comments

Housekeeping is a choreIt’s Saturday, which means it’s time for some blog housekeeping again. This is what’s bugging me today!

Last weekend was busy for me, as I decided to change my theme and there is still some work to do. I’ve seen a lot of updated blogs this week, with new pages, new themes and many of you have also updated your about pages and written a post on it. It’s a great way for us to get to know you.

I still haven’t done mine. Oh, I did a little update to it saying I would add more but just can’t seem to sit down and write about myself and put myself out there. It’s easy to do here on the blog because I’m usually telling a story about what is or isn’t bugging me and it serves a purpose. But I know I need to do it and give you a little more about myself.

I’m making a commitment to update my about page over the next few days, as long as I can hit the publish button when I’m done.

How many of you are in the same position as me?

It’s nice to see everyone is displaying the PostADay2011 & PostAWeek2011 badges proudly on their blogs. Did it feel good putting it there? I know it did for me. 🙂

Here are some of my housekeeping chores for the weekend.

  • cleaning up my tags and settle on the main ones to use
  • review my Categories
  • review the blog and add links to other postings

The last one could take a bit of time, but it’s easier to do it now before the job gets so huge that I won’t want to do it. Why is this important? Linking to past articles and other pages on your blog increases your page views and keeps the reader on your blog.

This also helps to Improve Your Search Rankings and receive more visitors to your blog. Listing related articles at the bottom of your post is a great way to do it, but you can also link to other posts/pages within your posts by marking a word or phrase in bold and linking to it.

I have my work cut out for me this weekend.

This is what’s bugging me today!


Recommended Reading

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