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How to find better blogging topics

It’s not easy being the Daily Post. Even on our best days, there’s always someone who says “I already blogged about that” or “this is the stupidest topic we’ve ever heard”.  As correct as these comments might be, given how many of you there are, we are unlikely to discover a topic so magical all of you will love it.

Good thing ClassyRose at What’s bugging me today, has come to the rescue:

Everybody is allowed to have their opinion, but if you consistently don’t like the topics then it’s time to find other sources. There are those writing on their blogs just for fun and that’s fine. But there are others who have set up their blogs to improve their writing and need a better variety of topics.

Whatever the reason is, we all sometimes need ideas on what to write about – me included.

Some suggestions:

  • How to – write a post on something you know
  • Top 10 lists – on anything you like, great blogs or posts, favorite things
  • Tips & Tricks – what are you good at
  • Tell a story – reach back into your memories
  • Reviews – movies, books, products, games
  • Interview – someone or yourself

Read her entire post for many good suggestions. And if you have other sources for blogging ideas, leave them in the comments.  We’re not partial to particular sources here – as long as you’re blogging, we’re happy.

But if you complain about the topic of this very post not being to your liking, I will poke you in your virtual eye.  Just kidding (actually, I’m not. My virtual finger has very good aim and a long reach. We know where your blogs live).


Thank you so much Scott. I’m honoured that you chose to feature my post on Topic Suggestions in The Daily Post. :oops: :-)

Scott Berkun | February 14, 2011 at 5:45 pm | Reply

Thanks Classyrose for helping with what we’re trying to do. If you have other suggestions and blogging advice, we’ll be watching :)


I would like to say thank you to Scott Berkun, The Daily Post and his team for featuring my post on Topic Suggestions. The response this week from bloggers taking part in the WordPress Challenge has been amazing.
Thank you fellow bloggers for taking the time to visit, rate it, like and leave comments. Everyone of them put a smile on my face. :-)
This is a wonderful online community and it’s great being part of it.

Classy Rose :-)


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