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or not – Brave Soldiers and Everyday Folks

January 19, 2011 4 comments

There is nothing bugging me today!

How could there be when the topic of the day is to talk about bravery.

Brave has several definitions. You can talk about a brave soldier or a senior being brave enough to learn how to blog for the first time.

What is the bravest thing?

There are two I want to write about. The first is the challenge that so many have taken up to write a postaday2011 or a postaweek2011. Reading through the posts, there were many who were apprehensive and not sure if they could do it. But they are showing they are brave by showing no fear of what could be a difficult task.

Some have freely admitted in their posts that it would be hard for them, but they are hoping that with tips and encouragement from everyone they will be able to follow through on their commitment.

  • Quite nervous, but let’s do this
  • Like I said, I want to participate, but I’m terrified of failure.

Any attempt in improving oneself can be a challenge and they’ve accepted it and this could be the bravest thing they’ve done in a long time and they should be recognized for it.

And we can’t forget about our troops! I’m talking about all of them, not just from Canada and the U.S., but also Australia, Great Britain, and all the other NATO forces in Afghanistan and around the world.

Send a word of encouragement to your troops. Let them know you care and are thinking of them.

There is nothing bugging me today!

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or not – It’s Been Four Years Mom – Ti amo

January 16, 2011 23 comments

Four years ago today I lost my Mom to stomach cancer. She was the fourth in my family to die of this terrible disease. I lost my Dad in ’98 to leukemia after he had survived prostate cancer, my oldest brother in ’02 to liver cancer and an older sister in ’04 to ovarian cancer. I miss them all.

The holidays are always such a difficult time for me. I miss my Mom so much and for some reason this past holiday season was the worst of them all. When we offer our condolences to others we all seem to say it gets better with time but does it really? It seems was I able to deal with it better just after she died, but now I can’t think of her without crying and missing her.

She was a courageous woman, emigrating in 1952 to the new world with 5 children on a ship across the ocean, to join her husband who was working to build a new life for them in Canada. There were 3 more children born in Canada.

There was one particular moment this past Christmas when I just couldn’t stop thinking of her and I wrote this piece in the wee hours on Christmas day. Today I want to share it with you.

Can Magic Make A Wish Come True

Watching the snow swirling and seeing the snowman come to life in the movie “Jack Frost” starring Michael Keaton, stirred some emotional memories.

A little boy plays a magic harmonica that was given to him by his father before he died, and the snowman the boy built, in the image of his father comes to life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if things like this could really happen.

If I could make a wish it would be to bring back someone special in my life, my Mom. She would have celebrated her 90th birthday this month, and next month is the 4th anniversary of her death.

I miss her dearly and there were so many things left unsaid. Oh, she knew I loved her and how much I cared for her, and appreciated her. But if I could have Mom back for just a few hours to tell her how much I miss her and love her, say thank you for all she’s ever done for me, my daughter and all her family and friends.

Magic, can it make a wish come true?

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or not – That’s what I want to be remembered for!

January 11, 2011 22 comments

I had a really good rant set up for today, but it all slowly changed yesterday. First there was today’s topic which I could work with. Slowly throughout the afternoon things kept building to the point that I could not sit and write an annoying post when I was feeling on top of the world.

For anyone who hasn’t been reading my blog, I have always tried to live my life by the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I have always given of myself only asking for a smile and kind word in return.

All I have ever wanted is to help those that I can. No special recognition, just a smile and a thanks. Because in the bigger picture, I hope that they will remember what I did for them and in turn, do the same for another.

I’ve received plenty of thanks from of all my readers and they all put a smile on my face. Thank you to everyone.

Yesterday I received so much praise it feels odd writing about it.

The day started with a Carlaat, a fairly new reader to the blog, left a comment and called it the page of the Post A Day fairy godmother.

A fellow blogger, Lonediamond, paid me the highest compliment I could ever hear from someone – she said you are making a good mentor

Lonediamond, you don’t know how much that means to me. I’m humbled.

My English Thought, then called this blog, her Godmother’s Blog. I’m humbled even more.

And if that wasn’t enough, to top off my day, along came Papa Joe with not one, but two compliments.

You really are classy Rose. I admire your ethics.
Thanks for being a person of character.

That’s what I want to be remembered for!  🙂

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or not – PostADay2011 Challenge – The Optimist Creed

January 9, 2011 17 comments

It’s Sunday, Day 9 of the Challenge and time for another “or not” posting. Some may feel discouraged or overwhelmed and I thought these words can give them the strength to keep going. I came across this years ago, have always kept it handy and wanted to share it with you today.

The Optimist Creed written by Christian Larson, adopted by Optimist International in 1922.

The Optimist Creed

Promise Yourself
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

Please visit Optimist International to see the wonderful work they do with children.

There is nothing bugging me today!


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or not – Thinking of Old Neighbourhoods Makes Me Smile

January 4, 2011 3 comments

It’s time for one of my “or not” postings.

I belong to Qondio, which is an online magazine. Every week they suggest a theme and ask the members to write about it. This week’s was Neighbourhoods.  Here is my contribution which received some great reviews.

Neighbourhoods – Aren’t They Great!

It was December 1990, I had just moved into my house the previous week when we were hit with a snowstorm and the city was blanketed with snow. On moving day it was so nice we were standing in the driveway enjoying a nice cold beer after moving all my belongings into the house

I had dinner with my parents on the Saturday evening and asked my dad if I could borrow his snowblower. He hemmed and hawed, and said leave it that he would come by and do it for me after church Sunday morning. The real reason, he didn’t think that I, being female, could handle the snowblower.

I wasn’t going to argue with him, so I said I would see him in the morning.

After spending most of the day and evening at my parents home, with the snow still falling, I had no idea what to expect when I got home. Arriving about 9:00pm I found the most beautiful thing, my driveway had been plowed!

I had only moved in the previous week and with it being winter you don’t see too many people outside. I had not met any of the neighbours but when I finally did I asked if they knew who was going around plowing the driveways. They either didn’t know or were not going to admit to it.

My next door neighbours, who I got to know really well, would always mow my front lawn when they did their’s. Most of the time it was the daughter who mowed the lawn. They would then tell me to just borrow their lawnmower to mow my backyard. Whenever I mentioned that I should really buy a lawnmower, they would say what for, you can just keep using ours. They wouldn’t even let me pay for the gas I used. They were such great neighbours!

I lived in that neighbourhood for 8 years and it was wonderful, living in a community where everyone looked out for each other and helped each other out.

Contributed by classyrose. Published on January 3, 2011, at 11:02 PM UTC.

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p.s. You will have to visit the Qondio site if you would like to read the reviews.

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or not – Reach Out and Touch a Soldier

December 30, 2010 8 comments

It’s the holidays so I’m continuing with another “or not” posting.

Reach Out and Touch a Soldier Overseas

Earlier this year a member published an article on performing Random Acts of Kindness.

This is the perfect time of year to remind you of it and urge you to perform a Random Act of Kindness.

Reaching out and sending a note to our soldiers overseas is just one of those acts you can easily perform from the comfort of your own home. How simple is that?

So please, go visit:

or on FaceBook at:

Adopt A Soldier

and send a note or card to a soldier overseas.

The site also has listings for Marines, Sailors, Airmen and the Coast Guard.

If you haven’t performed a Random Act of Kindness in a while, how about doing it now.

I bet it will give you a good feeling reaching out and touching someone.

Happy New Year everyone!

NOTE: Don’t let the .com worry you, the organization was registered as non-profit and you can read it all in their history.

History of

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or not – Random Acts of Kindness

December 27, 2010 5 comments

Being as it’s still the holiday season, I thought I would continue with another “or not” posting and remind you that there are some who could use some help, kindness and friendship at this time of year.

This was originally posted in October 2010.

Random Acts of Kindness

By Rosemary Bell

The week November 8 – 14 in 2010 is designated World Kindness Week.

This is observed in communities all around the world and can help to bring a community together.

It’s an opportunity for people to perform a small act of kindness for someone for absolutely no reason at all. Some have been known to print up business cards with a Pay It Forward message asking them to return the kindness to someone else that day. Some communities also offer posters that can be posted in your community, office or apartment building to spread the message.

There are plenty of acts you can do for strangers that won’t cost you a thing. Some of them are:

– Let someone into line with fewer items than you at the store
– Open and hold a door for someone
– Help someone obviously struggling with a heavy load
– Carry groceries to the car and return the cart for a parent with a child, or a senior etc
– Safely assist someone in need of roadside help
– Let someone into the line of traffic
– If you see someone who has locked themselves out of their car, offer to make a phone call for them
– Give up your seat on the bus for someone who needs to sit
– Pump gas for someone at self-serve
– Thank a police officer/firefighter and stop to consider what would happen to our community without them

Some ideas you can do for family, friends or neighbours:

– Invite someone to dinner who is alone or on their own
– Visit a shut-in, elderly friend, or someone who is sick
– Offer a ride to someone to appointment, shopping etc
– Offer your services of childcare to allow a new mother some personal time
– Take the garbage out for your neighbour
– Help rake your neighbour’s leaves
– Offer to fix or repair items for someone who doesn’t have the skill set to do it themselves

Speaking from experience, there is one act of kindness I know would be really appreciated. If you know someone who spends all their time (24/7) looking after a sick family member, offer them some of your time. Let them know that you will take over for the day or evening. Being a caregiver 24/7 can be quite stressful and a little time off does wonders for the mind knowing that someone responsible is looking after their loved one.

For more information you can check out:

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

On Facebook

What acts of kindness can or have you performed?

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