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or not – Weekly Photo Challenge | Colorful

July 24, 2011 21 comments

Hi everyone, I said I would post at least once per week and I’m just making it by re-posting one of my old photos. Today’s posting is also special because July 24th is my cat’s birthday.

Cinnamon is 19 years old today – Happy Birthday Cinnamon!

Weekly Photo Challenge | Colorful

ClassyRose©,postaday2011, postaweek2011, weekly photo challenge, cat, calico, refuge

Happy 19th Birthday Cinnamon!

She doesn’t do much except sleep these days especially with the heat we’re experiencing. I think she may be going a little blind and also hard of hearing. Cinnamon has always been a nervous cat and would jump at the slightest noise but these days I practically have to be on top of her for Cinnamon to hear that I’m near.

She also can’t jump very high anymore so there is only one window that she can easily look out of.

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Are you taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge?

You’re welcome to post your photo link in the comments.

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Quote for today

Rule of Feline Frustration:

When your cat has fallen asleep on your lap and looks utterly content and adorable, you will suddenly have to go to the bathroom.

or not – I’m Back! – Kind of!

July 11, 2011 25 comments

Things in life I find annoying

I guess I should have put up a “Gone Fishing” post.

I needed to take a break but I didn’t think it would be this long. I’m doing fine healthwise and I have actually gained a few pounds – might have to buy some new clothes.  🙂  I’m still skinny but for one of the few times in my life, I don’t have a flat stomach. Last time I remember having a belly was 24 years ago when I was pregnant.

To everyone who has left me messages, sent me emails and tweets, I’m sorry if I’ve caused you concern.

I’m trying to respond to all of you personally but it’s going to take me some time to get through all the emails and read the comments on my blog.

I went offline in March and didn’t come back until the end of June. There was a lot happening and I may tell you about some of it another time.

For now I’m back but I won’t be posting every day. I’ll try for at least once a week and take it from there.

Thank you to everyone who is still subscribed and my new subscribers. Even though I hadn’t posted anything in 3 months you still took a chance on me coming back to my blog. Thanks again and I hope I don’t disappoint you.

You guys have been awesome with your concern and support and I feel like sh** for just leaving and not putting up a “Gone Fishing” post like my friend PiP did.

I’ve missed you guys and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone.

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Quote for Today

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

Author Unknown

or not – Challenges of a New Day

February 24, 2011 12 comments

RandomBlog2011, PostADay2011, PostAWeek2011I am ready and comfortable to meet the challenges of a new day. There is nothing bugging me today. 🙂

Each day brings a new challenge and you either face it or run from it.

There is no sense in running and hiding from it because it will be there ready to raise its ugly head again until you deal with it.

Unless you face certain things they will begin to tear you apart.

I choose to face the challenges and learn from them.

From Life Success Zone.


I am thrilled with the set of challenges each day brings. Challenges are the unexpected plunges in the rollercoaster of life.

Even when I don’t know what lies ahead, I am sure that I can make the most of the ride. Each challenge I complete successfully pushes fear further away from my mind.


I love the feeling of achievement. A great accomplishment is a natural high. Yet, triumph only comes after a battle is fought and won. Therefore, challenge must exist if I want to enjoy sweet victory.

This battle is over and I won.

I am comfortable because I know that the tools to overcome any trial are within me. I am comfortable because I know that there is nothing on my plate that I cannot handle. I feel privileged to have been chosen for each challenge that I face.


  • How do you react to challenge?
  • How do challenges make you a better person?
  • What can you learn from your performance in yesterday’s challenges that will help you today?

There is nothing bugging me today!


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or not – Update on RandomBlog2011 Challenge

February 14, 2011 33 comments
randomblog2011, challenge, random acts of kindness, smiles,

I know you're there somewhere!

The response I’ve had to the RandomBlog2011 Challenge has been fantastic. There is nothing bugging me today! 🙂

When I first thought of the RandomBlog2011 Challenge I wasn’t sure if I could make it work but I decided I would never know if I didn’t at least try. With the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ I’m receiving I’m glad I decided to try and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.

The challenge is open to everyone and not just new bloggers. The challenge is to show some love to new bloggers by seeking them out and reading their blogs.

What is a new blogger?

Please use your own judgement but I would consider any blog that is less than 1-year old as new.

How do you find the new blogs?

There is no easy way to find them. Some of the things I look for:

  • I check their Archives to see how far back they go.
  • Read their About page.
  • A lot of them usually end up writing a post on trying to get people to read their blogs.
  • Limited content on the blog.

I tend to spot them fairly quickly by the blog’s appearance. Once you know what you’re looking for it’s not that difficult. 🙂

How do you find them? Do you have any tips to share?

I have a feeling that following a “comment trail” is going to prove to be quite popular and we could all be visiting the same blogs. Can I suggest that if you choose to do this that you’re careful about doing it on blogs that already have plenty of comments.

Don’t forget, when you leave comments ask them to join the RandomBlog2011 Challenge. It might encourage them to check it out, join in the fun and get more visitors to their own blog.

Thank you to every one of my readers who are spreading the word through their own blog postings, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media platforms.

Don’t forget to tag your posts – RandomBlog2011

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valentine's day, sweetheart, happy,

Happy Valentine's Day

Quote for today

A winning smile makes winners of us all.

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or not – Things In Life That Make Me Happy

February 7, 2011 26 comments

Happy Birthday To Me

When I finally got around to writing my About Me page, Marcia – Nuggets and Pearls suggested that I should write about things in life that make me happy and I said I would. There is nothing bugging me today!

This is a list of things that not only make me happy but put a smile on my face and laughter in my voice.

Number one on my list is my loving beautiful daughter who has grown up to be a beautiful young adult. She is kind, sweet, caring, and loving. I am proud to be her mother and lucky to have her as my daughter.

Remembering the happiest day in my life – the day my daughter was born.

The sound of my daughter’s voice when she calls from Vancouver.

The sound of a cardinal’s first song in cold, dreary February – spring is coming soon!

The sound of a baby’s laugh.

Performing random acts of kindness.

The gratitude I receive when helping others.

Putting a smile on someone’s face. 🙂

The first signs of springs – daffodils poking through the snow and buds appearing on branches.

Camping at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Sleeping in a tent and listening to the waves crashing on shore during the night and the wind whistling through the sea oats.

Watching children playing in a park and having fun.

My two cats greeting me when I come in the door.

Remembering all the good times I shared with my Mom.

There is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln


To Me


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or not – Looking For PEARLS To Surround Me

February 6, 2011 21 comments

Looking for PEARLSIf you haven’t noticed I like to be positive. There is nothing bugging me today!

I don’t know about you, but back in the 90’s I tried several of the Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing programs without too much success. But by attending their seminars and speaking with other people I did learn plenty on the type of people I want to surround myself with.

How many of you when you suggest a new business idea to family or friends receive a negative response! Do they tell you that it won’t work?

When they see how excited you are, shouldn’t they be encouraging you to go forward with it and wish you luck and success.

I was met with a lot of negative people and I believe that it played some small part in me not moving forward with some of the programs and giving them the effort they deserved.

One of them was when the Internet was really taking off in the mid 90’s before the bust. I wish I hadn’t listened to all the negativity and really moved forward with that one.

Then I met some great people and in part of the training they talked about surrounding yourself with PEARLS. What are they?

They are people who are:

P positive – to provide encouragementPEARSL to surround me
E enthusiastic – about what you are doing
A achievers, ambitious – who can help you along the way
R risk takers – willing to take a risk on you
L leaders – someone to emulate
S sincere – mean everything they say

This made a tremendous difference to my whole outlook on life. While they are all important, the one characteristic I value the most in people is sincerity.

When I really looked at the people surrounding me, I found that most of them were so negative that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stopped talking to some of them and looked for PEARLS to surround me.

The Law of Attraction says like attracts like. How true that is? I started seeing immediate results and suddenly I was attracting people with positive attitudes and left the people with negative attitudes behind.

Do you have PEARLS surrounding you?

There is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain

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Missing My Blogging Buddies

February 4, 2011 29 comments

Blogging BuddiesFirst I want to say that I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to visit my blogging buddies over the past few days. Losing the Internet can do that to you. This is what’s bugging me today!

But I’m back in full force now. My Internet is back, I’m putting some time management into place and I can’t and won’t let it fall apart now that I have my Internet back.

I’m going to set priorities of everything I need to do. Both at home, in my personal life and on the blog. One very important thing I need to make sure of, is that I visit my blogging buddies over the weekend.

Piglet In Portgual was worried about me, leaving several comments and sending an email.

1961 Girl said that she and PiP were ready to send out a search party.

Barb19 was worried about me and here I was with no Internet and worried about her and the cyclone that hit Australia this week.

This is such a caring and wonderful community that’s been created here and we’ve become so much a part of each other’s lives.

I love this crazy blogging life!

Now there is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

I get by with a little help from my friends.
John Lennon

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or not – Optimism – Keeping A Positive Attitude

February 1, 2011 16 comments

Things in life I find annoying - Positive AttitudesFrom the responses to How’s your Post A Day/Post A Week progress coming along there are some pretty positive people in the WordPress blogging community. There is nothing bugging me today!

Today’s topic is Are you an optimist or a pessimist? As it happens, yesterday I wrote about negative attitudes and today I want to share with you some ideas on how to keep a positive attitude.

I’m including quotes from an article I read, Life Success Zone – I Keep A Positive View of Myself, which really just about says it all.

“I keep a positive view of myself.”

When I think about the person whom I have become, I am filled with joy. I am proud of who I am. I live by my values and I try to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you are not happy with who you are, life can be difficult. I have been lucky enough to meet such positive people since I started my blog. The positive comments and encouragement has caused me to reflect and try to understand how I can unleash the potential I have inside me.

Today, I choose to believe that who I am is good enough. I guard my heart and my thoughts from the trap of self-condemnation by focusing on the potential stored within me.

We all have it in us to be an optimist. The question is do you want it bad enough.

There is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.
Peace Pilgrim

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or not – Sundays With Mom

January 30, 2011 11 comments
Things in life I find annoying - or not- Sundays with Mom

Make a Wish

Earlier this week the Daily Post topic suggestion was how would you spend a Sunday. Instead I want to share some memories of spending Sundays with my Mom.  There is nothing bugging me today!

I grew up in a large family, Mom, Dad and 8 kids – I was number 7. There is a 20 year difference between the oldest and youngest in the family and I have a niece who is just 8 years younger than me.

As each grew up and eventually moved out, Sunday afternoons were usually spent at Mom and Dad’s.

One thing you need to understand is that Mom always prepared a big Sunday lunch, never dinner. Even during the holidays like Christmas and Easter it was always lunch and never dinner. Because of this every holiday felt like a Sunday at Mom’s.

For the holiday meals, food preparation usually started the day before and she was up at 5 or 6 in the morning preparing the food for the family lunch. At one point, it wasn’t unusual to have anywhere from 24 – 30 people for lunch with all the  husbands, wives and grandchildren.

This meant a lot of cooking for her but everyone so enjoyed her meals that she loved to cook for everyone. There was always plenty of food to go around, Mom made sure of that! Leftovers were carefully packaged as each family member left the house.  She had to keep buying storage containers because sometimes it would take forever before they finally made it back to her kitchen cabinets.

Seating such a large group was always a challenge and thank goodness the kitchen and dining room were side by side. We added the extra leaves to both tables but there still wasn’t enough room. Two or three kids would usually end up sitting at a small kitchen table that my brothers and I sat at when we were kids.

Things in life I find annoying - Sausage MakingThe table is over 40 years old and was well used. It is one of the old arborite ones and was ideal for Mom to sit at. Yes, she would sit on the small chairs at the table when she made her homemade salami and sausages. It was really the only table where she could attach her manual meat grinder.

We would have to gather chairs from all over the house and some always ended up sitting on stools. But no one complained as long as they had a seat to enjoy Mom’s food. There was also plenty of my Dad’s homemade wine to drink with several trips to the cold cellar to retrieve more.

Quite often, Sunday lunch turned into an all day affair and some of us would end up staying for dinner too! This meant no leftovers to take home but that was fine. All Mom cared about is that the food was eaten.  She would say – Mangia! Mangia!

But it wasn’t enough to just eat the leftovers, Mom would slice up some of her homemade salami, bring out the cheese and olives and usually make a tomato salad.

There was always something to eat at Mom’s. She could put together a meal in no time. Ah, the memories – I miss you Mom.

There is nothing bugging me today!


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or not – Winners and Losers

January 27, 2011 11 comments

Things in life I find annoying - Winners and Losers

Here is something else I’ve had hanging around for a few years along with The Optimist Creed.  There is nothing bugging me today!

I bring you “Winners and Losers” by Sydney J. Harris.

Sydney J. Harris was an American journalist for the Chicago Daily News and later the Chicago Sun-Times. His column, “Strictly Personal,” was syndicated in many newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Winners and Losers (1973)


1. Winners make commitments.

Losers only make promises.

2. Winners know what to fight for and when to compromise.

Losers compromise on what they shouldn’t and fight for what isn’t worthwhile.

3. Winners say, “There ought to be a better way”.

Losers say, “That’s the way it’s always been”.

4. Winners make a mistake and say, “I was wrong”.

Losers make a mistake and say, “It was not my fault”.

5. Winners listen.

Losers just wait their turn to talk.

6. Winners have a healthy appreciation of their abilities and an awareness of their limitations.

Losers don’t recognize their true abilities or their true limitations.

7. Winners work through problems.

Losers work around them.

8. Winners are sensitive to other’s feelings.

Losers are only sensitive to their own feelings.

9. Winners take a big problem and divide it into smaller parts so that it can be more manageable.

Losers take a lot of little problems and roll them together until they are  unmanageable.

10. Winners work hard and find more time.

Losers are always “too busy.”

11. Winners show they are sorry by changing their actions.

Losers say, “I’m sorry,” but do the same thing next time.

12. Winners learn from their mistakes.

Losers only learn not to try again for fear of making more mistakes.

You can choose to be a winner!

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