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or not – We’re Moving Forward – RandomBlog2011 Challenge

February 21, 2011 11 comments

RandomBlog2011 Challenge, PostADay2011 PostAWeek2011The RandomBlog2011 Challenge is continuing. There is nothing bugging me today! 🙂

The decision has been made to move forward and continue the challenge. But because I’m still working on the details and I would like to publish a new page with all the information it won’t be ready for a couple of days.

Until then you can continue what you’re doing but there is no daily minimum number of blogs to read. It’s entirely up to you how  many you want to read.

People are still voting on the current poll so the only thing I’m going to say about the results is that not one blogger voted no.

With that kind of response there really wasn’t much choice in the matter, the RandomBlog2011 Challenge had to continue.

But I do have some poll results for you.RandomBlog2011 Challenge Poll Results

Most of you are reading 3-5 blogs per day and there are three bloggers who are reading more than 10 blogs per day. I just hope they aren’t subscribing to all of them.

Back in January there was another poll that I haven’t reported back on yet so here are the top 5 answers to WordPress Challenge Hopes.

Were you asking yourself these questions when you started your blog?

  1. 16.1% – Will anyone leave a comment
  2. 14.5% – Will my writing improve
  3. 12.9% – Will my visitors increase
  4. 11.3% – Will anyone subscribe to my blog
  5. 11.3% – Will anyone add me to their blogroll

The poll is still open if anyone cares to vote and you can find it on the Polls page.

There is nothing bugging me today!


Quote for today

Note how good you feel after you have encouraged someone else.
No other argument is necessary to suggest that never miss the opportunity to give encouragement.
George Burton Adams

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or not – RandomBlog2011 Challenge – Quick Poll

February 19, 2011 4 comments

RandomBlog2011 Challenge, postaday2011, postaweek2011This is a quickie post – it’s just a poll. There is nothing bugging me today!

Please note there will be no Housekeeping post later today.

This poll for RandomBlog2011 Challenge will stay open for a few days to give everyone a chance to vote.

If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.




Please continue tagging your posts RandomBlog2011.


There is nothing bugging me today!



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What are your pet peeves?

December 23, 2010 1 comment

Today is your opportunity to tell me what you find is annoying.

You can select up to 3 answers.


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