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Trying to Find Topic Suggestions

January 28, 2011 58 comments

Featured on The Daily Post at

Some like the Daily Post suggestions and others don’t care for them at all and let everyone know by leaving negative comments. There are those who seem to do it consistently and it does get a little annoying. This is what’s bugging me today!

I visit the Daily Post to read not only the topic suggestions to see what the offering of the day is but also the comments. Sometimes I like the topics and have been able to work them into my blog and other times I don’t care for them at all.  But I don’t like to leave negative comments and just try to find another topic.

Everybody is allowed to have their opinion, but if you consistently don’t like the topics then it’s time to find other sources. There are those writing on their blogs just for fun and that’s fine. But there are others who have set up their blogs to improve their writing and need a better variety of topics.

Whatever the reason is, we all sometimes need ideas on what to write about – me included.

Some suggestions:

  • How to – write a post on something you know
  • Top 10 lists – on anything you like, great blogs or posts, favourite things
  • Tips & Tricks – what are you good at
  • Tell a story – reach back into your memories
  • Reviews – movies, books, products, games
  • Interview – someone or yourself

Just a couple of days ago Alexy Saltekoff  used the interview technique to introduce a 6-part series Bringing Focus Back to My Daily Blog. He was trying to follow the Daily Post suggestions but found that it just wasn’t working for him and came up with his own plan. Read his latest post Finding focus: What’s your vision?

How many of you have used the Press This feature in WordPress? This could be used to link to another post you like. Write a short piece on why you like it, include an excerpt and then link back to the original page. It doesn’t have to be a blog posting, it could be anything you’ve read, even news stories.

Still not enough ideas. Use Google and search for – topic suggestions for blogs. I did this and came up with a few sites. I’ve listed some of them for you.

If you find a topic you’re interested in but are worried that the post might be too long, like this one is going to be soon, then create a series of posts similar to what Alexy has done. This will also help bring your visitor back to your blog to read the post and maybe even subscribe to your blog.

This is what’s bugging me today!


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PostADay2011 – Topic Suggestions are Suggestions!!

January 3, 2011 13 comments

At the beginning of every post Scott Berkun says:

“These are entirely optional – if you don’t like it, no problem. Post something else. Or post about why you don’t like this topic, or the topic you wish we’d mentioned here. It’s all good.”

Yet over and over again I am reading replies from bloggers asking what if they don’t like the topic. This is what’s bugging me today.

I enjoy reading the comments and visiting other sites. It’s like hitting random in Delicious or the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button when you are doing a search.

Some think they have to post about the challenge and posting every day – this would be pretty boring after a few days, could you imagine a year of this.

But, then there are those who take the suggestion and turn it around to have it fit their blog. The “Topic: who deserves more credit?” posting gave one person an idea to write about something else which did fit into their website.

Great suggestion. I ended up writing about book dedications … giving credit to those who inspire us.

You can see how she did it it here:       Opening Credits

That is what the topic suggestions are for. You can write about the topic if you are stuck or just want a change of pace. Think about it and see if you can come up with your own idea. This isn’t a question and answer challenge!

Another great way to get ideas is to visit other bloggers who have already written their post for the postaday2011 or postaweek2011 challenge. Depending on where you are in the world, others could be way ahead of you on this one.

You can do this by checking out any one of these links:

That’s another thing bugging me today. So many people forget that WordPress is global, so their topic suggestions get posted for the first people who welcome the new day. Most global sites use UTC time.  Remember, the international date line is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! It’s already tomorrow there.

So what do you say bloggers, if you don’t like the topic:

  • write about something else
  • write about why you don’t like the topic
  • visit another blogger for ideas and leave a comment or two behind if you like their blog

This is what’s bugging me today!


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