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PostADay2011 – Bloggers With No Links

January 2, 2011 57 comments

I joined the WordPress challenge to PostADay2011 and I am really enjoying it. I know it is only the second day, but I love to read the comments from other bloggers who have joined the challenge and visiting their sites to see what they’re all about.

But often times I can’t and you know why. Bloggers have not added their websites as links to their Gravatar and their name isn’t linked to their blog either. This is what’s bugging me today!

Now maybe, they are new bloggers like I once was and not sure how to do it, but it’s real simple.

For your Gravatar, sign in to Gravatar and go to My Account, Edit My Profile, My Links and then add your link URL and link Title. I can’t remember but you might have to verify it too. But maybe not because it’s a WordPress blog.

In WordPress go to Users, Personal Settings, Account Details. Enter your email and website and it’s automatically linked when you make comments. Don’t worry, your email address is only used for verification purposes.

Now if more bloggers would do at least one, preferably both, of these two things it would be better and easier for the blogging community on WordPress to support and encourage each other during the WordPress challenge. You will also get more visitors to your blog if your websites are listed in your profile every place your Gravatar appears.

I already helped one new blogger yesterday in setting up his Gravatar and thought I could help more bloggers this way than by replying to all of them. Maybe in the future I will just direct them to this posting, but only after I’ve offered some words of encouragement. I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. 😉

So what do you say bloggers in both the PostADay2011 and PostAWeek2011 challenge. How about updating your account details and profile?

This is what’s bugging me today!


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